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The Most Merciful

Taught the Qur'an,

Created man,

(And) taught him eloquence.

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Only those of his servants who are endowed with knowledge truly fear Allah.

May Allah’s      peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad  who taught humanity all good things and guided us towards righteousness and piety.

The most important role for which a women was created and in which no man can rival her is that of motherhood. This important social function particular to her surpasses all occupations specific to men. It is a function no man is equal to discharging in all his physical fitness and mental alertness.


A Poet Said:

A mother is a seminary, if you prepare it.

You prepare a noble breed of mankind.

She is the organizer of the house and the fastener of the beads of family. She is a wife helping her husband in the struggle of life. She is a mother pushing her children ahead to glory. Later, she is the grandmother transferring the heritage of ancestors to the grand children. She does the work of linking the brilliance of today with the experiences and lessons of the past. How can the woman, then, retrieve her lost rights?

In order to know her rights and realize her worth and value as well as regain her right position, the woman must go back and read her history and perceive her proper role in the family as a mother and wife – as well as her role in the society – as a teacher. She must know the true position Islam has placed her in.

It was due to these reasons that I thought of starting a women’s Islamic Center. It was meant to be a place where a woman could acquire knowledge that would elevate her to the position she rightfully belongs to. It is intended to be a place where a woman will not only graduate as an Alimah or Hafiza to provide knowledge to our Muslim community and reach out to other human beings, but will also learn to play her role as a dutiful wife and a kind mother capable of bringing up her children on the right lines.

Later, we moved forward with the next stage and began the boys program so our youth can be more involved in our masjid and be closer to Allah

O You who Have Beleived.png

Allah      says 89 times in the Quran:


O you who have believed.

Allah      is addressing us, and without knowing the true meaning of this verse, the beauty of Allah’s      message is not recognized.


We hope and pray Allah       accepts it and helps us fulfill our dream InshaAllah.

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