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We established Al Bayaan Islamic Center in April 2011. It has been incorporated since 2013 and has received Non-Profit designation exempt from the IRS Section 501(C)(3).​



To be a distinict institution of Islamic knowledge in the science of shariah, Arabic and other fields of knowledge



An educational institution with universal message, dealing with education, scientific research and community service in the sciences of Shari ah,  Arabic language and other sciences with global standards contributing to spreading the eternal message of Islam  to serve the local community.



The Islamic CENTER is committed to consolidating a set of values ​​in all its activities and practice as follows:

  • Expecting Allah’s Reward: Staff of AL BAYAAN believe that rewarding their efforts is not limited to the earthly reward; instead they count on reward from Allah in services they offer here at AL BAYAAN.


  • Universality: The University is committed to its global role in spreading the eternal message of Islam.


  • Quality and Excellence: AL BAYAAN is committed to a system of quality based on the efficiency of continuous excellence and improvement.





This included that Al Bayaan is an Islamic institution in its Goal . It identified the objectives as follows:

To convey the eternal message of Islam to the world through da wah, education and graduate studies.

To inculcate Islamic spirit, develop and deepen practical religiosity in the life of the individual and society, based on dedication worship to Allah Alone and specifying followership to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.

To prepare scientific research, translate and publish them, and encourage such in the areas of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in particular, and other branches of science and human knowledge needed by the Muslim community in general.

To educate whosoever is admitted into it among Muslims students of knowledge from various parts; and shape scholars specialized in Islamic and Arabic Sciences, and scholars in the religion, equipped with science and knowledge that will prepare them for inviting people to Islam and resolve whatever problems the Muslims may face in their religion and worldly affairs, based on the guidance of the Quran, Sunnah and the practices of the righteous Ancestors .


Establishing institutions in the world and strengthening it to serve Islam and achieve its objectives.

2005 Desire Avenue| Rowland Heights| 91748 |

Tel: 951-777-9000 


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